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Top 6 Kids Motorcycle Helmets to Buy in 2018

Top 6 Kids Motorcycle Helmets to Buy in 2018


When comparing a kid motorcycle helmet with a helmet made for an adult, there basically isn’t much difference – except for the size. Both types of helmets are designed with safety, comfort, and quality in mind.

When comparing prices, the kids motorcycle helmets cost nearly the same as an adult helmets, ranging from slightly under $50 to upwards of $200.

In order to best evaluate which kids motorcycle helmet is most appropriate, there are several considerations: safety, comfort, quality, design, color, and price. Here are a few helmet manufacturers that offer a full range of features:

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Youth Helmet & Gloves MotorcycleThis helmet is a good option if you are looking for a lightweight helmet.

The best part is that even the liner is removable and washable. It is an excellent choice for all those who want to opt for an affordable helmet.

This is a complete combo, and you will get a pair of gloves with the helmet as well.

The helmet is available in a variety of sizes, so it will not be tough to find the suitable size.

This is a high-quality item and belongs to the list of best kids motorcycle helmets.

Bell Qualifier MomWell, this helmet is great if you are looking in for improved stability.

It has an aerodynamic design.

The ventilation system is adjustable and provides comfort and cooling.

The molded cheek pads help to ensure perfect fitting. The chin strap is padded, and this helmet is available with a warranty of 5 years.

The wind collar is padded, and it is quite helpful in reducing the road noise so go for it.

Duke Helmets DK-120The Duke Matte Black Full Face Helmet DK-120 has truly earned its place amongst best kids motorcycle helmet.

This helmet comes with two visors. This helmet is quite lightweight and has a quick release strap for the chin. The liners can easily be removed and washed with ease.

What makes this helmet stand out amongst the rest is that it has a sophisticated design that is appealing to eyes.

The price is affordable in comparison to other helmets on the market.

Youth Offroad Gear Combo HelmetThe catchy aspect of this helmet is the color. It is available in different attractive color.

It has a washable and removable liner.

It is fully vented and has a 3 point sun visor.

The best part is that this helmet is available at an affordable price as well, and that makes it a mandatory purchase.

This helmet truly falls in the category of good kids motocross helmets.

Bell Qualifier Cam GreenThe attractive color of this helmet truly compels you to opt for it.

The Bell Cam Adult Qualifier Sports Bike Helmet is available in an extra-large size. Another quality of this helmet is that it has a lightweight.

Even the liner can be removed with ease and is washable.

The chin strap is padded and is available with a D-ring closure.

This helmet has won a lot of positive reviews on Amazon so this personifies the quality of this product.

Razor Full Face Youth HelmetThe biggest quality about Razor Full Face Youth Helmet is that it is equipped to provide security to the person wearing the helmet because of the presence of extra pads.

It has about 17 events, and this means that your head will get sufficient cooling while wearing the helmet.

The eye port is quite spacious so you can easily wear it with goggles as well.

The visor and the strap are adjustable as well, so this helmet belongs to a best kids motorcycle helmets category.

Kids Motorcycle Helmets – Factors to Consider:

It is a continuing debate on the topic of wearing a helmet or not. With several complicated arguments from various sides, one solid conclusion can be drawn out, and it boils down to one clear thing: helmets protect us against at least some of the severe head injuries.

But before you set out to grab any old helmet and gain a fake sense of security, you must know the following factors.

When it comes to the safety of kids, parents are always to be very careful while purchasing products for their kids.

  • Fitting:

The way that it fits is the most important thing about a helmet. A helmet is next to useless if it misses a proper fit. As firstly, it won’t be comfortable as you put it on and if you do choose to wear it, it will not be able to take properly in and dispense the shock.

You must try it on to understand the proper fit. It should be flush against your head on all sides when you put it on, and that is it should not move more than an inch in any direction when you push or pull it.In no way shall the helmet be able to be pulled off your head, keep that in mind.

You can take a quick test while looking for kids motorcycle helmets to ensure your kid’s safety.

  • Sizes:

All you have to do is to buckle the straps, and pull from back to front from the back lip of the helmet; you know it’s the wrong size if it comes off.

If you see it is moving forward with the kid’s eyes, you must shorten the straps and try again till you get the proper and comfortable fit and the same pushing to the rear and again shorten the straps if your forehead shows.

“How to Pick the Correct Helmet Size for Kids”

Making the Decision

While buying kids motorcycle helmet online, it can be difficult to understand the fit virtually so you are suggested to opt for those with modifiable padding so that you can get the most personalized fit possible.

Kids can be very adamant in not wanting to wear helmets so make sure to involve your child while choosing their helmet it will let them feel more inclined to wear it.


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