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The TORC T27 Modular Helmet with Bluetooth – Review 7.8

The TORC T27 Modular Helmet with Bluetooth – Review




The TORC T27 seems to be spearheading the motorcycle helmet industry with one of the most innovative and latest designs.

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Value Rating8.0
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The TORC T27 is currently one of unique motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth on the market. This is one of the reasons why we have chosen to review it. It is definitely packed full features which users are bound to find impressive.

However, one of the reasons it hasn’t gained much traction is probably due to its low price point, and possibly even some misconceptions about it.

Finding a helmet that fits comfortably and is protective enough has always been a tall order.

After all, not everyone has the ability to be able to gauge the effectiveness of a helmet from first glance unless they are an expert and have had extensive previous experience owning motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth.

Moreover, having the opportunity to go through helmet reviews such as the one you are currently reading definitely goes a long way in helping with the decision, as the important aspects of each helmet are given to you in a simple and concise manner.

Nowadays, we don’t find many who don’t believe in the saying “you get what you pay”, but there is always something known as “value for money”. The TORC T27 seems to be boasting of falling under the second category. What makes us say that? Well, read on.

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  • Less Bulkiness, More Protection:

A lot of people believe that smaller helmets don’t offer the same level of protection as the larger and bulkier ones. Although this may be true to a certain extent, it’s far from being something one should take as gospel.

There are a few helmets on the market today which boast a smaller size, but offer the same, if not an even greater level of protection when compared to their larger counterparts. Ultimately, it comes down to how they are designed.

The TORC T27 seems to be spearheading the motorcycle helmet industry with one of the most innovative and latest designs. Besides offering many of amazing features, its design also allows it to offer a great level of protection, giving the bulkier helmets a run for their money on this particular front.

TORC Full Face Modular Helmet

  • Comfort:

It has been designed in a rather innovative way, keeping the comfort needs of users in mind. Furthermore, being compact gives it that much-needed edge to offer a great level of comfort, unmatched by most of its other larger counterparts out there.

With this particular helmet, potential customers should definitely consult the sizing chart, and consider sizing down, as this helmet does run a little large.

Buying a properly sized motorcycle helmet is immensely important, as much of its safety features go out the window the minute one isn’t appropriate for your head size/shape is purchased. As far as aesthetics go, owners are pleased with its sleek design, even going as far as mentioning it to be one of the sleekest modular helmets on the market.

  • Bluetooth:

TORC T27 BluetoothWell, though the fact that its Bluetooth integrated is clearly evident from its name itself, the flawlessness that comes with it probably isn’t.

A Bluetooth motorcycle helmet completely replaces the need for a pair of motorcycle helmet headphones. One will be able to listen to music, receive and make calls, as well as get information about the GPS direction extremely clearly and loudly through this particular helmet. This would definitely surprise quite a few buyers out there, who have owned similar helmets with Bluetooth in the past.

One of the issues regarding Bluetooth helmets is the level of clarity each helmet possesses; owners usually find that the sound isn’t as clear as they’d like. However, at its price point, the TORC T27 is considered to be one of the top motorcycle helmets in terms of sound clarity.

  • Sizing:

This particular helmet runs large. Do take that into consideration and possibly even size down from your usual size when purchasing it.

TORC T27 Helmet Size

  • Build Quality:

The fact that it’s made of plastic shouldn’t come as a disappointment because it’s quite sturdy all the same. In fact, the top review on its product page mentions how surprisingly sturdy it is despite being made of plastic.

  • Lever System:

It comes with an absolutely lovable lever system for the drop down visor. It doesn’t come with springs, but a slider instead. It’s pretty easily accessible, so it’s surely something that may help in avoiding a lot of annoyance one usually comes across while dealing with helmets that come with springs.

  • ECE and DOT Certified:

There isn’t any need to mention anything more on the safety front. The fact that it’s ECE and DOT certified is enough to believe in the level of safety it comes with.


There don’t seem to be many helmets on a market full of motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth that come with such a long list of features, boast of such a great level of safety, sturdiness, and comfort, and are as well Bluetooth integrated. So if you’re looking for a true value for money product, the TORC T27 is what you should be purchasing.


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