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Vega X888 VS. VCAN V531 – Which Helmet is Right for You? 8.3

Vega X888 VS. VCAN V531 – Which Helmet is Right for You?


Vega X888 VS. VCAN V531


The Vega helmets do have vents all around to ensure maximum ventilation. The VCAN does have comfortable and removable cheek pads which could be washed when necessary.

Vega X8888.5
VCAN V5318.0
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Why should a helmet be used? It is remarkable to hear how many motorcycle accident victims are saying if only I had been wearing a helmet or I should have been wearing a helmet. It is just a pity that these realizations are coming too late after the accident has already taken place.

Those who had been wearing a helmet is often heard, saying that the helmet has saved their lives without a single doubt. This is why it is so remarkable that they are still a considerable amount of people who refuse to wear a motorcycle helmet.

Vega X888
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$ 120per month
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Vega X888 – Full Face Helmet:

Vega X888This is a superbly manufactured motorcycle helmet which makes use of Wick-Dri anti-microbial fabric to provide very comfortable liners on the inside of the helmet.

According to reports this helmet actually exceeds the US Dot standard.

There are ventilation vents pointing at the mouth, forehead, chin and the back of the head.

The helmet also has 9 different shield options available.

Furthermore, all products from this manufacturer are covered by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Things We Likes:

  1. This helmet protects the entire head and therefore provides all-round protection in the event of an accident.
  2. It has excellent ventilation all around.
  3. The matte color helmets tend to pick up fingerprints very quickly, fortunately, this can easily be removed with a damp cloth.

VCAN V531 – Half Helmet:

VCAN V531This helmet uses a solid flat black design.

It is also manufactured to fit most sizes.

It is manufactured from a very high-quality ABS thermoplastic resin shell which has been found to actually exceeds acceptable DOT standards.

Cheek pads are removable and washable and are very comfortable.

  • Things We Likes:

  1. This helmet will be fine for driving in town.
  2. It is more than capable of absorbing an impact without serious damage.
  3. However, the chin is still exposed and therefore the possibility of injury cannot be excluded.

Benefits of Using These Helmets:

Some people will think this is a joke but the reality is a well-constructed helmet will cause less damage to the asphalt than the human head. With a human head, there will be blood smears, possibly bone fragments and even brain tissue while with a helmet such as a Vega there may be a couple of scratches at the most.

However in the case of the VCAN where the chin is exposed serious injury could still occur. This helmet will be more than sufficient to avoid injuries to the top half of the head but the neck and chin will be exposed.

A head injury can be a very bad experience depending on the severity of the injury and if you’re lucky you will have to spend many hours in the emergency room for observation and in the worst-case scenario you may end up in intensive care or in the morgue.

According to statistics, almost 1000 motorcycle riders die each year and more than 70% of them die because of head injuries all of which could be avoided by merely wearing a Vega or a VCAN motorcycle helmet. Helmets also benefit bicycle riders and almost 90% of all deaths could be avoided simply by wearing a helmet.

Using a bright colored helmet could make you more visible to oncoming traffic. According to traffic laws, any person 14 and younger has to wear a helmet. Many people actually like the look of the helmet on them. The fact remains that motorcycle accidents can happen totally unexpectedly and very suddenly by simply striking an oil slick on the road.

This can result in a situation where your head will hit the asphalt with a brutal force which could result in immediate death or very serious injury. By wearing a Vega or a VCAN motorcycle helmet this can be avoided.

Helmet Laws are a Good Idea

Size Guides of These Helmets:

The best way to determine the size of the helmet which you should use would be to measure your head at the largest point and this is about 1-inch above the eyebrows all around the head.

This size in centimeters is being used when choosing a motorcycle helmet which will provide you with the best possible protection. It should also be remembered that the shape of people’s heads differs, some are oval-shaped while others are egg shaped and so on. This is important in order to ensure the best possible fit.

User Guide for These Helmets:

The Vega helmet is a full face helmet providing complete protection while the VCAN only covers the side and top of the head but not the neck or chin.

The Vega helmets do have vents all around to ensure maximum ventilation. The VCAN does have comfortable and removable cheek pads which could be washed when necessary.

The Vega helmet weight approximately 4.4 pounds while the VCAN with its smaller surface weight only 2.6 pounds but provides less protection.

All Vega helmets carry a one-year quality warranty as long as the helmet is maintained in its original condition.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • Can helmets really save lives?” Yes. Research over the last couple of years has clearly indicated that a lot of head injuries can be avoided when motorcycle helmets are used.
  • How comfortable is motorcycle helmets? All of the major manufacturers are doing everything possible to manufacture products that are as comfortable as possible.
  • Is there acceptable safety standards in helmet manufacturing? Yes, certain there is the well-known DOT standard with which most reputable manufacturers will comply.

Final Thought

A lot of research has been done into the manufacturing of motorcycle helmets over the last decade or two which has resulted in modernistic designs which are using new manufacturing processes which ensure that helmets are light and yet incredibly strong.

These helmets are strong and durable and when properly cared for could last for many years even decades. Although both these high-quality helmets, they can be no doubt that the Vega X888 Full Face Helmet will definitely provide greater overall protection and this may be an important consideration when making a final decision.


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