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Vega XTA Touring Half Helmet – Review 8.7

Vega XTA Touring Half Helmet – Review


Vega XTA Touring Helmet


Most all people are satisfied with the quality and price for this great helmet, and it's too good to not appear any complaints from anyone.

Quality Rating8.5
Value Rating8.8
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Hello, what’ in place? Nowadays we are here to help you choose a perfect helmet, the safest motorcycle helmet with a good price, and Vega XTA Touring is the one which fits into your budget meets your most critical requirements.

It is not necessarily must have all feature in all aspects but It will protect you the safest way. Take into consideration what’s most critical to your head within a helmet.

Now, you can get all that you need in here: safety, durable, provides all of the basic features and especially is low price – wow, I think only this much is the best for you to choose Vega XTA Touring Half Helmet.

Let us start with the main features of this helmet.

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Main Features:

First off, the Vega XTA Touring is one of the best products in half helmet line. For the first time I wear this helmet, it is quite light and relatively comfortable. On the helmet have the zip on/off wind curtain, the helmet made from high-tech lightweight thermoplastic shell.

For the purpose of providing a comfortable experience, the helmet includes comfort fit interior with super-absorbent, Wick-Dri anti-microbial fabric, the sizes ranging from Small to XX – Large, with more match colors to choose this will become a fast favorite for riders.

The helmet is DOT certified, so you can be sure about its safety and comes standard with a 1-year warranty on parts and workmanship.

Pros of The Vega XTA Touring Helmet:

  • Nice fit and I sure you will not disappoint about it;
  • The vents with insect screens;
  • Comfortable foam liner with an extra piece of foam supplied;
  • Adequate straps;
  • Zip in ear protectors;
  • Many colors help you choose a suitable helmet;
  • Great price for great product – Vega XTA Touring Half Helmet;
  • The quality of the helmet is good, the paint is nice with more colors for you;
  • Suitable for hot weather, muggy weather;
  • The curtain will also accommodate earphones for those who want to be connected to their MP3, phone, GPS, so on..

Vega XTA Candy Touring Half Helmet

Cons of The Vega XTA Touring Helmet:

With the exception of the great features, this product has some minor minus points:

  1. I think the neck curtain is a bit thin at the top but too thick at the bottom;
  2. The helmet includes a trade-off involving the effective ventilation and also the noise levels.

Customer Reviews and Scores:

With over 90 reviews for the Vega XTA Touring Half Helmet at Amazon along with a total score of 4.3 out of 5 stars. Most all people are satisfied with the quality and price for this great helmet, and it’s too good to not appear any complaints from anyone. And I am sure that you will feel comfortable when you wear this helmet!


Sum up, after you read my motorcycle helmet review about the Vega XTA Touring Half Helmet, if you’d prefer a helmet with enough all the user-friendly features from basic to advanced, this helmet is exactly what you need and I am pretty sure you will be satisfied with this choice.

And if you want to see more reviews about more other products, take a tour to view it. Finally, it’s your turn, make the decision to protect your head and your wallet.



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