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Women’s Motorcycle Helmets – Cute and Cool Design

Women’s Motorcycle Helmets – Cute and Cool Design


With more women riding and owning motorcycles, helmet companies are realizing there is a great need for a fashionable women’s motorcycle helmet. Helmet companies are beginning to make women’s motorcycle helmets in feminine colors as well as smaller sizes for a more petite fit.

The fact is that women are more likely to wear their helmet every time they get on a motorcycle, while men are more likely to simply forget or not care as much about helmet safety.

Therefore, the women’s motorcycle helmets are used more, which makes them important on their own account.

Scooter-girl Helmets:

This line that was inspired by a comic strip of Jack Simon and the Scooter-girls. The story of the comic is that Jack is a high school freshman, with a cat named Simon. Jack meets three cheerleaders, who ride scooters and calls them the Scooter-girls.

Together Jack, Simon, and the Scooter-girls race around their town helping people in need. All of their tasks are done undercover, so no one knows their identity. They are modern day superheroes if you will.

This fun comic has led to an amazing production and selling of female helmets. The company makes helmets for bicycles, skaters, and snowboarders. They also make motorcycle helmets, which are wildly popular. Each helmet comes with a Scooter-girl tee shirt and stickers. It is a very trendy company that appeals mostly to young women, however, their helmets work for all ages.

The Scooter-girl helmet, which is also a motorcycle helmet, is very fashionable. This helmet is a half helmet with a small visor on the front. It looks much like a vintage police motorcycle helmet with a feminine twist.

These are great helmets for girls of all ages who like to ride scooters, bikes, and motorcycles. The helmet is very comfortable, with plush black padding on the inside. One downside is that the padding is not easy to care for.

Scooter Girl Helmet

HJC IS2 Blossom – Ladies’ Half Face Helmet

The helmet comes with a shiny black paint with the trademark Scooter-girl logo on the front and back. It is very inexpensive, costing between $70 and $100, depending on if you are ordering it online or getting it locally. These helmets are certainly trend setting items for female bikers.

In addition to this DOT approved helmet, the company also makes bicycle helmets in colors like pink as well as apparel.

With bikers wearing apparel as well as helmets featuring this trendy trademark logo, this is a company that is sure to soar to the top with female riders. Its simple design and feminine touch allow the company to cater properly to women riders and have a product that appeals to them directly.

There is no longer any reason for a female to wear an ugly men’s helmet. There are newer and trendier options for today’s female rider.

Girl Motocross Helmets:

Today’s sporting events are including more girls than ever. This is also true of motocross. Girls are participating in motocross from young ages. Girls have typically worn helmets that were actually made for boys.

Recently, however, companies have begun making girl motocross helmets specifically decorated for the girls in the sport. These companies have been surprised at how well these women’s motorcycle helmets have sold. They are already planning newly improved girl helmets for next years lines.

Most girl motocross helmets are exactly like the boys in style. The modern helmets are sleek and sassy. They are aerodynamic and can be used in high-speed situations without problems. All motocross helmets should meet specific safety standards and girls should be aware of these standards and choose helmets that are not only pretty but also safe.

Most girls prefer helmets with a softer edge. Some helmet designs are very pointed and rigid, but others are smoother and sleeker. Girls tend to choose the smoother styles of helmets for racing.

The color is the area where most companies are varying between boy styles and girl styles. They are simply offering the same helmets in different colors.

Usually, helmet companies will offer anywhere from three to ten colors and designs per helmet. Companies are now offering more and including colors like pink, purple, light blue, and light green in their color scheme. Companies that use a lot of graphic designs are also including designs like butterflies, flowers, and hearts for their female racers.

Girl Motocross Helmets

Fox Racing Womens V1 Vandal Helmet

Although boys may disagree with these new colors and graphic designs, it is clear that the females are happier. Long gone are the days of wearing the boring black and white helmets. The color is here to stay and selling very well.

Another way companies are changing their line-ups to include girls are by offering a smaller size for women. By specifically designing certain models to accommodate a smaller head size, women are getting a better fit from their helmets. They are also getting a boost in safety, as the fit of a helmet affects the safety greatly.

Many of the different sizes are coming in styles that are also made for boys, so girls can still have the same versions, just in a smaller size. This is a huge step toward gender equality in helmets and girls are taking advantage of it.

Although some do not believe sports are for girls, females continue to participate in and dominate in some sports. Female participation in motocross has increased greatly over the last few years. Motocross is a sport that does not necessarily require brute strength, so females can be just as competitive in it as males.

With the manufacturing of these cool motorcycle helmets, the sporting industry and helmet companies are acknowledging that females are welcome in the sport and that they are here to stay. If you are a girl interested in motocross, be sure to check for the latest styles and colors made specifically for females. You will be pleasantly surprised that you have so many options these days.

Factors to Consider When Picking the Perfect Women’s Motorcycle Helmets:

There are literally thousands of sizes, colors, shapes, and styles to choose from; so where do you begin considering? To help make the whole decision process easier fro you here are a few important factors to consider in terms of safety and comfort:

  • Type of Helmet: This depends entirely on you and the look that you are trying to give while driving your new motorcycle around town. There are 3 main types of motorcycle helmets for men and women; the most popular is the full face cover helmets that you see race drivers wearing which give riders a good deal of head protection. Next, there is the three quarter shell helmet that protects your forehead, top, and back of the head, but leaves the front face area open; this type of helmet usually has a slide down visor to stop the wind blowing in your eyes. Lastly, there is the half shell helmet, popular with the 50’s mod Vespa motorcyclists of the 50’s, this simply protects the top of your head and may have a detachable half visor for rain and sun protection.
  • Size and Fit: It goes without saying that this is the most important factor to think about when searching for a good women’s motorcycle helmet. Everyone has different size and shape heads, but women have slightly smaller heads than men do, the basic rule of thumb is a helmet should not move when you shake your head from side to side; if it starts slipping then it’s far too big. If you decide to buy a full cover helmet then the front part should grip the side of your jaw and chin you don’t want it to fall off during a fall, also you don’t want it to be too tight or you’ll end up distracted while driving.

“Women’s Motorcycle Helmets – Sizing & Fit Guide”

  • Comfort and Retention: This fits in closely with the last factor and the best way to gauge the comfort level is to try it on in store, if you plan on buying online for the cheaper prices then go to a store first and get all the measurements then buy online. Lots of soft rubber padding with a smooth material covering makes for a good inside lining, the snugger the fit the less noise and air you’ll have entered into the helmet while you ride; this can be very off-putting at high speeds. When trying on a helmet, put it on and leave it on for 15 minutes or so while moving your head around, if there are no pressure pains then this is a perfect fit.
  • Visor: No matter what type of helmet you go for its recommended that you get a visor of some sort to protect from debris, the sun, and rain. It I almost impossible to ride a motorbike without even a small 2-inch shield to break it up before it hits your eyes. If you do a lot of riding in the sun then get a UV protected visor, which will also protect from sudden glares of focused light.

Benefits of Shopping Online:

Many women know that shopping can be a fun and enjoyable experience, especially when shopping for the women’s motorcycle helmets. Because of the invention of the Internet, shopping online for a women’s motorcycle helmet has become a stress-free task.

The Internet really is truly remarkable and has made the lives of many men and women easier. It is now possible to purchase groceries and pay bills online. This results in less time being spent running from store to store.

If you would like to purchase a helmet new or used, there are many stores online selling the perfect ladies helmet. These stores cater to online shoppers and know exactly what you are looking for. The hardest thing you will have to do is schedule some time in your busy day to turn on your computer and select the helmet you would like to purchase.

The benefit of purchasing women’s motorcycle helmets online is that you will spend less time doing this errand, and more time can be spent with family and friends or driving the kids around if you have them. Thus your new helmet can be just a click away from you. I am sure there are many other things that can be done instead of driving from store to store.

Another benefit of purchasing your helmet online is that the Internet will have a wider selection of helmets for you to choose from as compared to a regular store. This is because a regular store will only have a limited amount of storage space as compared to an online store in which this problem does not exist.

A search online showed that women’s motorcycle helmets could be purchased from almost every popular online store. As well the helmets were available in colors of pink, white, and red. Some stores even offered to airbrush a design on the helmet you selected, and this is something you should consider.

The last benefit of placing your order online for a women’s motorcycle helmet is that is can be shipped directly to you. At checkout, you will have the opportunity to provide your credit card and shipping address. Some online stores even give you the option of expedited shipping and your helmet can, therefore, be delivered to you in record time.

Where to Buy the Best Women’s Motorcycle Helmets:

Women’s motorcycle helmets are available to buy from reputable dealers. If you’re buying online I can recommend Amazon.com. It’s also available from Revzilla.com who have both high street stores and a website.

Recommended Helmets – Motorcycle Graphics:

These helmet colors and graphic finishes may appeal to women. Each of the helmets below is unisex. Please note the same helmets are available in other colors and I’m not suggesting that all women bikers like pink!

For more information, click on the helmet name.

The Scorpion EXO-R410 Helmet is an exceptionally sharp looking ladies motorcycle helmet that offers the wearer “state-of-art” technologies bundled up in a package of premium comfort.

This D.O.T. certified form of personal protective gear for female motorcycle enthusiast will improve upon your riding experiences while creating compliments from your friends!

Scorpion EXO-R410

Highlights of the EXO-R410 Helmet:

  1. D.O.T. certified & SNELL approved shell design ultra light-weight.
  2. EverClear pinlock no-fog face shield provides max vision.
  3. Moisture-Wicking KwikWick II Liner fabric for exceptional comfort.
  4. Unprecedented integration of the emergency release system.
  5. Premium-Grade ventilation system w/two ports in chin bar.

Would You Like a Women’s Motorcycle Helmet That Will Improve Upon Most Any Ride?

The Scorpion EXO-R410 is loaded with all the right niceties to help improve on most any riding experience in any conditions.

The face shield on this helmet has the Scorpion Ellip-Tec ratchet system for easy and tool-less roadside shield swap-outs and a sealed separation from the outside elements.

If shield-fogging has been a hindrance of any ride? the Scorpion EXO-R410 has the EverClear anti-fog shield that will add to the safety of your riding experiences.

The fog-free qualities of this face shield and the ratcheting system that pulls the face-shield tight against the seal ensure you will have complete control of the climate inside the helmet and the ability to regulate it.

Would You Like the Ability to Easily “Re-Freshen” Your Helmet at Your Convenience?

Well, with the Scorpion EXO-R410 you are availed just that! the ability to easily re-freshen your helmet at your convenience. This helmet comes equipped with a Moisture-Wicking KwikWick II Liner fabric that is easily removed, washed and replaced to ensure a fresh helmet every time.

This helmet comes with Scorpion’s Emergency Quick Release System that will allow more careful removal of the helmet in the event of an accident.

The Scorpion EXO-R410 is an exceptional value with its state-of-art protection performance and all the right niceties.

The HJC CL-17 Streamline full-face motorcycle helmet review will explain for you what is a lightweight and superior-fitting full-face ladies motorcycle helmet that’ll improve on all your favorite riding experiences with premium protection-performance.

This Women’s motorcycle helmet meets or exceeds SNELL & D.O.T. Certification standards for one of the most comfortable and safest full-face helmets ever produced!

HJC CL-17 Streamline

Highlights of The CL-17 Streamline:

  1. Advanced polycarbonate composite shell meets or exceeds SNELL & D.O.T. certification standards.
  2. Fully removable/washable anti-bacterial fabric on cheek-pads & liner for instant re-freshening.
  3. ACS Advanced channeling ventilation system for exceptional comfort levels!
  4. Anti-Scratch PinLock ready face-shield (HJ-09) with RapidFire face-shield replacement system.
  5. SuperCool Moisture-Wicking Interior Plush-Comfort liner.

Would You Appreciate a “Functionally-Loaded” Full-Face Ladies Motorcycle Helmet?

Well, that’s exactly what you’ll have with the HJC CL-17 Streamline Full-Face Helmet, a “functionally-loaded” full-face helmet that has the latest and greatest of helmet fabrication technologies.

The Advanced Polycarbonate Shell Construction has been fine-tuned with CAD technology to provide the wearer with an incredibly lightweight form of PPG (Personal Protection Gear) for the Female motorbike enthusiast.

The interior of this helmet is an anti-bacterial SuperCool moisture-wicking fabric keeps you cool and dry for frustration-free riding-experiences!

The aerodynamically-shaped shell is formed to provide the most protection while causing less neck fatigue with excellent stability and performance at speeds.

The ACS Advanced Channeling Ventilation System is also fabricated right into the construction of the helmet shell with adjustable ports and full front to back airflow that flushes hot and humid air, up and out for an even better and more comfortable climate within the helmet.

ACS Ventilation System

Do You Want an Advanced Face-shield System on Helmet?

The HJC CL-17 Streamline comes equipped with an advanced face-shield system that will ensure hassle-free stop-lights and riding in general.

The HJ-09 is a PinLock-ready, anti-scratch coated face-shield that offers 95% UV-protection and has the RapidFire shield replacement system for quick, easy and “tool-less” roadside shield swap-outs!

The face shield on this helmet has a side shield lock mechanism for a ultra-secure seal improving on eye-protection and your overall safety!

The HJC CL-17 Streamline full-face motorcycle helmet is a lightweight and superior-fitting full-face women’s motorcycle helmet that’ll improve on all your favorite riding experiences with premium protection performance and exceptional comfort.

The BILT Ladies Cyclone motorcycle helmet is an exceptional solution for an inexpensive women’s motorcycle helmet that comes with all the right ride-enhancing extras and doesn’t cost you a great deal from the bank!

This D.O.T. Certified advanced polycarbonate shell that is injection-molded, will offer you excellent protection performance while helping to improve upon the riding experience while cradling your head in exceptional comfort.

BILT Women's Cyclone

Currently unavailable, why not try BILT Women’s Racer Helmet.

Highlights of the Cyclone Full-Face Helmet:

  1. D.O.T. certified injection-molded polycarbonate shell.
  2. Two-Toned Air-Flow Comfort padding removable/washable.
  3. Quick-Release (No Tools Required), Optically-correct clear face-shield.
  4. Interior flip-down tinted sun visor with touch control.
  5. Advanced ventilation system with superior venting.

Would You Like an Exceptionally-Comfortable Helmet That’s Lightweight?

Well, that’s exactly what you’ll have with the BILT Women’s Cyclone Motorcycle Helmet, an exceptionally comfortable helmet that you’ll hardly notice wearing due to the lightweight shell fabrication and it’s exceptional fit!

The interior of this helmet is made of Air-Flow Comfort padding that is removable and washable for instant re-freshening whenever you feel it’s needed or when you think it’s appropriate.

Anti FogThe face-shield that this helmet has is a clear, optically-correct face-shield that has an anti-fog coating along with 95% UV Protection for your safety and frustration-free riding-experiences.

This face shield comes with a rapid-change-out system that can be quickly and easily accomplished on the “roadside” without the need of any tools for your convenience when you really don’t want to deal with repairs.

This helmet comes standard with a flip-down interior sun visor that is easily deployed with fingertip touch control to quickly provide sun-shade without having to fumble with your favorite pair of sunglasses in your helmet.

Do You Want an Advanced Ventilation System Controlling The Climate Of Your Helmet?

The BILT Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet comes equipped with an advanced ventilation system which will allow you to dial in the optimal climate within your helmet.

The easy-operation-action, push/release surface mounted air flow ventilation system has superior venting with chin and crown vents and air flow thru exhaust ports for maximum airflow ventilation.

The BILT Women’s Motorcycle Helmet is an exceptional solution for inexpensively upgrading your PPG (Personal Protective Gear) with an extremely comfortable helmet that will likely be your favorite to-date!



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