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Yamaha Motorcycle Helmets – A Brief Overview
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Yamaha Motorcycle Helmets – A Brief Overview


When you own a Yamaha bike and a Yamaha helmet you can ride knowing you have purchased quality. The Yamaha Company is one with a rich history in quality products. The Yamaha motorcycle helmets line is no different. Take a look at the history from this company to get an idea of what everyone is talking about.

  • History of Yamaha:

The Yamaha company first began in 1953 when Genichi was trying to find a way to use unused machining equipment that once was used to build aircraft propellers.

He was really unsure what he wanted to do with the machinery. He produced sewing machines and auto parts before getting closer to the motorcycle discovery. He first began producing scooter and three-wheeled utility cars.

Finally, he tried motorcycles, a decision he would not regret. It was not his love of motorcycles that drew him to the idea, it was purely business.

Genichi was a great businessman and he knew the market for motorcycles was a great one. Therefore he focused mainly on motorcycles.

The Yamaha Company has a famous motto which states, “If you are going to make it, make it the very best there is”. The first motorcycle was finished in 1954. The development team took a while to finish it because they were building it with the company motto in mind.

The Yamaha YA-1 was what they called it and it was powered by an air-cooled, 2-stroke, single cylinder 125cc engine. The bike was initially tested in a 10,000 km endurance test, which is still used on Yamaha models today.

The Yamaha Company is one that was built with quality in mind and is still ran that way today. Although their bikes may not be the least expensive, every bike is built with safety and quality in mind. These bikes are some of the more elegant in style. They represent an honest company that focuses on their consumers and always delivers.

The History of YAMAHA (Video)

Yamaha Company

  • Yamaha Motorcycle Helmet Styles:

Whether you ride on or off-road, there’s a Yamaha motorcycle helmet for you. The company off-road designs are perhaps the best known, as they are seen in motocross racing the world over and are known for their highly stylized look.

Motocross styles of Yamaha motorcycle helmets are almost always full-face helmets with an unmistakable chin vent that features a removable filter. These are especially useful to motocross racers who can spend a large amount of their time breathing dust and fumes during an event.

Many street-use Yamaha helmets are manufactured for Yamaha by Shoei, another Japanese company that is known for making some of the best helmets available.

Shoei-Yamaha helmets feature top of the line design and materials, just like the off-road helmets, but lack some of the venting and filters of their motocross-intended cousins. Yamaha motorcycle helmet designs include full, three-quarter, and half styles.

Yamaha Helmets

  • Where to Buy Yamaha Motorcycle Helmets:

Almost any motorcycle retailer will also carry a full line of motorcycle accessories, including Yamaha helmets. A retailer that deals, especially in Yamaha cycles and equipment will probably have the widest selection.

You can, of course, check your local yellow pages for the Yamaha dealer nearest you. Discovering whether they carry the Yamaha motorcycle helmet you want will then be as easy as making a telephone call.

Of course, anything that can be purchased in a physical store can often be found online for less. Yamaha motorcycle helmets are no exception, as there are scores of online retailers that offer all manner of parts, accessories, and equipment at amazing discounts.

A Yamaha helmet that normally sells for $300.00, for example, may be found for as little as $190.00 from an online motorcycle accessory dealer.

  • Yamaha Motorcycle Helmet Safety:

When purchasing any motorcycle helmet, the rider should be sure that the helmet lives up to established specifications for safety. The minimum safety standards for motorcycle helmets in the United States are set by the Department of Transportation (DOT). A helmet must meet these standards to be sold as a motorcycle helmet in the United States and it will say so on the packaging.

The Snell Memorial Foundation is a non-profit, impartial organization that is dedicated to research, education, testing, and development of helmet safety standards. As such, the foundation has developed stricter standards for motorcycle safety.

Similar to meeting DOT standards, a Yamaha motorcycle helmet that meets Snell standards will say so on the packaging or on a sticker inside the helmet itself. For maximum safety, be sure that the helmet you buy is Snell certified.


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